Company Info   Even glass wants to dress up    
Company History   ▼Examples  
Products Info     The appearance of security glass which protects privacy while Lions mansion Yotsuya  
  Laminated Glass     coloring a scene the Artistick! Tower gate (Tokyo)  
  Tempered Glass     The partition etc of the veranda of an apartment, lobbies, such    
  Bent Glass     as bilding, hall, or a entrance conference room. Lions mansion Yotsuya  
  Door     Such voice to "Velami" who avoided the public notice Tower gate (Tokyo)  
New Products Info     moderate and who wants to care also dandily although it goes    
  Crime Prevention     was born. Lions mansion Yotsuya  
  Construction     It is the existing laminated glass operative also to crime Tower gate (Tokyo)  
  Machine     prevention which printed signs that demand was accepted on    
  glass. Abeno Grand Tool 40F  
■Velami's feature
Skillful tone can be maintained for a long period of time.    
    It is hard to come out of vividness, and the conventional Kansai Electric Building  
    ceramic print faded easily, and was not fit for long-term use at (Osaka)  
    the place where the outdoors.    
    The newly developed Velami couldn't be easily faded by printing Kansai Electric Building  
      at high temperature, and coloring also became vivid. 1F-2F (Osaka)  
Laminated glass with the crime prevention, and sound isolation    
    effect is used. Kansai Electric Building  
      1F-2F (Osaka)  
      Subway of Imazato suzi  
      Subway of Imazato suzi  
        Drama Designer