Company Info   It's in a design about the crack of glass.    
Company History   ▼Examples  
Products Info     It's the design glass with which crack glass took a step forward. Excel Hakata  
  Laminated Glass     The crack of glass is manipulated freely and Take is expressed. (Fukuoka)  
  Tempered Glass          
  Bent Glass     The diffused reflection of the light by the lighting effect Shiroganedai  
  Door     performs peculiar space production like our company product (Tokyo)  
New Products Info     Kaleido.    
  Crime Prevention  
  Construction   ■Take's feature    
▼Sound- Since it's the glass composition of three layers,    
proofing it excels in the sound isolation effect.      
▼Design The crack design which considered the paragraph    
  of the bamboo as the image is realized.