Company Info   New products "Soyokaze" Sale start!    
Company History   ▼Examples  
Products Info   It unites and glass expresses "peace"! Excel Hakata  
  Laminated Glass       (Fukuoka)  
  Tempered Glass     Soft design laminated glass which took the Japanese paper    
  Bent Glass     handle into the cool image of glass. Excel Hakata  
  Door     It excelled in water resistance, crime prevention, and (Fukuoka)  
New Products Info     We're preparing various Japanese paper handles    
  Crime Prevention  
Kuoria Minamiazabu  
  Construction   ■Shirabe's feature (Tokyo)  
▼Water The special adhesion film is used.    
▼Design I'm preparing various Japanese paper designs, D grafort  
  and the degree of penetration. (Osaka)  
▼Safety It doesn't disperse, even if glass should break.    
    Kyoto Mitsui Building