Company Info   The refuge guidance display which is strong and on which it's hard to slip!  
Company History    
Products Info     A power failure, a fire, earthquake, ...    
  Laminated Glass     The refuge guidance display certainly protected from disaster    
  Tempered Glass     It's refuge guidance display glass "Runaway".    
  Bent Glass    
(Tokyo Fire Department authorization)
  Door     Wall, such as a skyscraper, a hotel, and underground center,    
New Products Info     and a subway.    
  Crime Prevention  
  Construction   ■Runaway's feature
Anti-slip processing glass is used.  
A high-intensity afterglow is realized from conventional glass.  
A refuge guidance display handle is covered with glass.  
JIS Z9107 Various performance tests are suited.  
    Luminosity JIS Z9107 Water JIS Z9107  
    Corrosion JIS Z9107 Wear JIS Z9107  
    Bends JIS A5209 Chemical JIS Z9107  
    Inpact JIS Z9107 Slip Toukoudaishiki  
      Moisture JIS R3212 Burning JIS Z9107