Company Info   It's a safety design also to the window of a house!    
Company History      
Products Info     The security of a house can be said to be relief only by neither locking up nor strenghening of a key.  
  Laminated Glass     In fact, there was most invasion means to tear glass and to open a key, and they prepared Robguard in  
  Tempered Glass     series so that it could use properly in the right man in the right place.  
  Bent Glass        
  Door   ■Robguard30  
New Products Info     It's effective for broken of the window in a screw driver, or a  
  Crime Prevention     door and a shutter.  
  Machine   ■Robguard60  
  Small bar was used as well as broken in an apartment or a store  
    The hammer was used at the apartment or the store that it's  
    effective also for smashing.