Company Info   A clean relation of you and me    
Company History      
Products Info     The feeling of a solar light which enters from a clean window is good.  
  Laminated Glass     It not only takes in light and warmth, but it carries brightness to the heart.  
  Tempered Glass        
  Bent Glass     Even if it is hard to attach dirt and is stained with dirt, it fails to flow simply with rain.  
New Products Info     It's gadget glass free from care.  
  Crime Prevention  
  Construction   ■Pureclean's feature  
▼Photo- It excites by UV and dirt will be disassembled, if  
  catalyst active oxygen occurs and it hits light in the  
  operation of the upper titanium oxide which  
  becomes difficult to be stained with dirt.  
    ▼Anti- If titanium oxide hits light, the thin film of the  
    fouling hydrophile property which adapts itself to water  
    property easily will be formed.  
▼Crime Since the middle film of glass and laminated glass  
prevention have strong adhesiveness, invasion which tears  
      glass is prevented.  
    ▼Safety Since titanium oxide is approved as cosmetics or  
      a food additive, it is harmless to a human body and