Company Info   For machining center & for NC lathes    
Company History      
Products Info     EN12417 class which are the Europe Safety Standards are suited.  
  Laminated Glass          
  Tempered Glass     EN12417:1000J〜1800J  
  Bent Glass        
New Products Info     I'm preparing various composition by a visitor's business way, the spec, and demand.  
  Crime Prevention  
  Construction   ■Mechacrysta's feature  
▼Thermal Although conventional polycarbonate and glass unite  
  Expansion being then changed according to the difference of  
  polycarbonate and the rate of expansion of glass with  
  heat, Mechacrysta doesn't change with a special film.  
▼Safety Even if glass should break, since the operation side is  
      using polycarbonate, a fragment doesn't disperse but  
      it is safe.  
    ▼Light Since I am using glass only for one side, the  

installation to a machine is also very lightly easy.

▼Scratch- Since glass is used for the machine side, unlike resin  
    proof of acrylics and polycarbonate etc. such as oil can be  
      wiped off and obtained, without giving a wound.