Company Info   The point of contact of people and glass is safety. The use is also expanded broadly.
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  Laminated Glass   ■Tempered glass specification    
  Tempered Glass     ▼Safety Even if it should damage, a sharp fragment like ordinary glass with a fine fragment  
  Bent Glass       which becomes granular doesn't arise.  
  Door       For this reason, the grievous injury by a fragment can be prevented.  
New Products Info     ▼Heat There is one about 3 times the intensity of this also to a rapid temperature change.  
  Crime Prevention          
  Construction     ▼Strength Compared with the glass of the same thickenss, there is one 3 to 5 times  
  Machine       the intensity of this.  
    ■The uses with tempered glass  
    The fence of the circumference of a window, an entrance,  
    and stairs, such as a residence/ school/ store.  
    Windows, such as door glass and a vessel/ car/ train/  
    construction machinery, such as a gas range and  
    a microwave oven toaster oven grill.