Company Info   Original glass use!    
Company History   ▼Examples  
Products Info     Design nature peculiar to glass by coloring crack glass! Drama Designer  
  Laminated Glass     Light carries out diffused reflection according to the lighting (2005.10-)  
  Tempered Glass     effect, and peculiar space is directed.    
  Bent Glass     It bends and corresponds also to glass! Drama Designer  
  Door     Those with sound isolation performance! (2005.10-)  
New Products Info   ■Kaleido's feature    
  Crime Prevention  
Skillful tone can be maintained for a long period of time. Nishikawa Clinic  
  Construction     It's hard to come out of vividness, and the conventional (Osaka)  
  Machine     ceramic print wasn't fit for and ornament.    
  The newly developed Kaleido wasn't easily faded by printing at Kiou University  
high temperature, and coloring also became vivid. (Mie)  
Laminade glass with the sound isolation effect is used.    
    Kaleido is standard specification about glass. Residence  
    Since it's the multiplex structure which sandwiched the middle (Hyogo)  
    film, it cuts as sound.    
    Yamamoto Dental  
    Meishin Ohtsu  
      Club JJ