Company Info   1927 It was bent by the electric heat disposal based on the research original idea    
Company History   of Kaneji Fujiwara who was foundation person, and it had glass processing,  
Products Info   and Fujiwara industry office was established in Toun-cho, Osaka.    
  Laminated Glass   1935 Tokyo factory was installed in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.    
  Tempered Glass   1937 The head office factory was established in the present area moves.    
  Bent Glass   1939 It tied up with Aichi chemical incorporated company. Strengthening of protect wind    
  Door   plate glass of the naval aircraft was cast, and the production of the tempered glass    
New Products Info   started. (At present, it become Fujiwara Co., Ltd.)  
  Crime Prevention   1946 It was reconstructed from the complete destruction by fire due to the war    
  Construction   damage. Manufacture due to the electric dissolution was started.  
  Machine   1948 An electric fire furnace was recovered, and the manufacture of the tune    
Inquiry   bent glass was started.  
    1951 it was composed of the capital two hundred thousand yen in Fujiwara Kogyo Co., Ltd.    
    1957 The Tempered fire furnace of the tempered glass door were increased.    
    1958 It become a Japanese industry standard indication permission factory.    
  (JIS R 3206 Tempered glass)  
    1960 It become a Japanese industry standard indication permission factory.    
  (JIS R 3205 Laminated glass)  
    1963 It got the capital participation of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. and increased    
  the capital, and it was capital one hundred million yen.  
    1964 The production of sealed insulating glass was started due to the technical    
  tie-up with Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
  1970 It become the Japanese industry standard indication permission factory.    
  (JIS R 3211 partial tempered glass)
  1971 It satisfied American National Standard Institute.(Laminated glass for road vehicle)(DOT69)    
1975 It satifsied Australia Standard. (Laminated glass for road vehicle)    
1978 Laminated glass enlargement and it started big remodeling of the air conditioner
      equipment in preparation for demand for the High film.    
1984 Laminated temporary adhesion gas fire furnace was very remodeled.
      Computer was installed.    
1985 It conformed to add permission JIS R 3205 V kind.
    (without Laminated glass for road vehicle).    
    It satisfies UL of Laminated glass for railway rolling stock.    
  1989 Automatic printer (masking) establishment.    
1990 It conformed to add permission JIS R 3205 U-1, U-2 kind
    (Laminated glass for road vehicle).    
  1991 A large size was bent, and a continuous fire furnace was established.    
1992 Armor seed fireproof door Ministry of Construction authorization.
    Authorization #0136(Settlement opening door)、#0124(Fix).    
    A NC2 shaft punching machine was established.    
1993 A large size bent strengthening furnace establishment.
    A vertical large type grinding machine was established.    
1996 Sork furnace was established.
    A CNC automatic different form cutting machine was established.    
  ECE standard (E13) was laminated and tempered glass approval.
    ANSI (AS2 and AS3) approval.    
  1998 The additional permission of JIS R 3206 the tempered V kind.    
  1999 It conformed to JIS R 3213 (Safety glazing for railway rolling stock).    
  2000 Okayama branch establishment.
    The adhesion industry of the platform safety door was begun.    
2001 From the Japanese ministry of land and infrastructure, the authentication of fireproof
    laminated glass (Blaze Off) (EA-0006)    
  It applies for the patent as fire resistance laminated glass that general float glass
    was used.    
  2002 From the Japanese ministry of land and infrastructure, a fireproof door (Fix) and a    
    fireproof door's authentication number was change.(EA-9265、EA-9267)    
    Crime prevention glass for the car (Robguard Super) sales start.
  Crime prevention polycarbonate laminated glass (Robguard X) was development, and
    sales start.    
    Okayama branch closed. Glass Cutting Machine (CNC No.2 set.)    
  2003 Mechacrysta development released.
    It acquired EN12417. CE (Cover of Machining center)
    Slipguard (A safeguard glass) development released.
    We set the interlayer storage of refrigeration safekeeping (No.2).
    Glass Cutting Machine (CNC No.3 set.)
    It conformed to China Compulsory Certification.    
  2004 Vertical Washing Machine (Production inspection)    
    NIJ-3A and NIJ-3 success.(Robguard BR-3A, Robguard BR-3)    
  Robguard, RobguardX, RobguardX2 recognaizes on the crime prevention glass of
    Japanese Police Agency.    
    The ornament laminated glass (Velami) sale start for verandas.    
    The special film attatched start of production for NY subways.    
  2005 Machine cover glass (thin shape) EN12417/1800J, EN12415/C3 conformity.    
    Ornament laminated glass (Kaleido) sales start.    
    Double Eching Machine establishment.    
    Tokyo office establishment.    
    Neyagawa place of business installation establishment.    
  2006 Process center establishment. Cutting machine, Washer, Drilling Machine installation.    
  It's name change to the second factory of Process center about Neyagawa place of
    Refuge guidance display glass (Runaway) development, patent fillings.    
    The Lamp Cover glass start of production for the rolling stocks.    
    Horizontal washing machine (for inspection) installation. Clean room installation.    
    Vertical washing machine (for acceptance inspection) installation.    
  2007 Direct print ornament laminated glass (Bellezza) sale start.    
    Partition for the railroad vehicles for overseas mass-production start.    
    It conformed to new JIS R3205, R3206, R3211, R3213    
  2008 Process center second factory move to process center.    
    Projector screen safety glass (Pure Screen) development, sale start.    
  2009 Authorization of Osaka city new business field reclamation enterprise(PureScreen)    
  2010 The gradation type glass (Soyokaze) about Japanese paper laminated glass, sales start.    
  2012 Big size door (Pure Great Door), sales start    
    Tokyo branch move


  2013 Balcony Safety Glass (Pure Raum), sales start  
  2014 Balcony Safety Glass (Pure RaumS), sales start  
  2015 Balcony Safety Gradiation Glass (Pure Shade Velami), sales start  
  2017 90th anniversary ceremony