Company Info   Company Name Fujiwara Kogyo Co., Ltd.    
Company History   President Hitoshi Matsui    
Products Info   Foundation January 6, 1927    
  Laminated Glass   Company establishment January 22, 1951    
  Tempered Glass   Capital JPY 70million    
  Bent Glass   Employees

70 (2018.1)

  Door   Contents of business

Tempered glass, a tempered glass door, laminated glass processing

New Products Info     manufacture, sales and construction such as an opening    
  Crime Prevention   Business list of articles Laminated glass Flat・Bent・Decoration・Crime prevention    
  Construction   Polycarbonate・Heat line
  Machine     Tempered glass Flat・Bent・Chemical Tempered・R Door    
Inquiry     Bent glass    
      Fireproof door Special fireproof construction    
      Variously glass construction    
    Main customer Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.    
    Nabtesco Corporation    
  Related company Tochigi Nippon Safety Glass Ltd.    
  Bank Amagasaki credit bank Shioe branch    
    Japan Finace Corp. Osaka branch    
      The Shoko Chukin Bank Osaka branch    
    Mizuho Bank Zyuusou branch    
  Japanese industry standard Laminated glass R3205    
  indication permission factory Tempered glass R3206    
    Safety glass for road vehicles R3211    
  Safety glass for railway rolling stock R3213    
  Safety glass (Except road vehicle) R3206, R3205, R3213    
  Others U.S. transportation office # DOT69    
    CE EN12417, EN12415/C3    

Special fireproof equipment

EA-0006, EA-9265, EA-9267    
    Construction industry 112429    
    Safety glass European ECE-R43    
Authentication for the road vehicle
  Location Head office・Main factory 3-14-24 Kashima Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0031    
    Management Department Tel:+81-6-6302-5513 Fax:+81-6-6301-2468    
    Sales Department Tel:+81-6-6302-5510 Fax:+81-6-6302-5514    
    Operation Department Tel:+81-6-6302-5512 Fax:+81-6-6308-4744    
    Tokyo branch 3-177 Shinwa Misato-shi, Saitama-pref 341-0034    
    Tel:+81-48-949-2231 Fax:+81-48-949-2232