Company Info   "A feeling of opening and safety"... It's playing and active part in various places.
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  Laminated Glass   ■Fuji Light Door's feature  
  Tempered Glass   1 It's what employed the characteristic of tempered glass  
  Bent Glass     efficiently enough, and a frame, sash directions metal  
  Door     fittings, etc. which bar a view are pressed down to the  
New Products Info     minimum, and a bright opening is made.  
  Crime Prevention   2 Since the terminal area of glass and a frame is given so  
  Construction     that it may cover with silicone and cleaning can be done  
  Machine     easily, fine sight maintenance is possible for if forever.  
    ■Fuji Light R Door's feature  
  1 The image of an opening can be improved by a novel design.  
  2 Effective use of the space in a building can be performed.  
  3 When it has circular composition, there is the windscreen  
  ■Fuji Light Screen's feature  

Obstructive Kamachi is removed entirely and directions

    metal fittings are also pressed down to the minimum.  
  2 There is no fear of receiving safety for tempered glass use.  
  3 Backing space can be further utilized for the feature of a  
    large-sized tempered glass door more effectively.  
    The brightly extensive opening is directed.