Company Info   New glass which combines refractoriness and crime prevention!
Company History    
Products Info     The fire accident which isn't understood when it may happen.  
  Laminated Glass     If it should happen and the surroundings of the hand of fire  
  Tempered Glass     become late, the carrying-out time of escape or goods is  
  Bent Glass     securable.  
  Door     Then,"Blaze Off" which has a structure effective not only in  
New Products Info     refractoriness but crime prevention nature was developed.  
  Crime Prevention  
  Construction   ■Blaze Off's feature  
▼Re-fractoriness It's the composition in common glass and  
Inquiry a common special film, without changing
    composition and the processing method of  
  glass like the former.  
▼Safety It's strong against a shock because of glass  
      with a fluoro-resin film, and even if it should  
      damage, there are almost no scattering  
      of a fragment and worries about fall.  
▼Crime Prevention Since the middle film of laminated glass and  
  glass have strong adhesiveness, invasion  
      which tears glass is prevented.  
    ▼Penetrate Since visible light transmissivity is high, the  
      thing of the other side of glass can be seen  
        Also when common glass is being used,  
        there is almost no difference in the color  
        tone of the glass of the whole building.