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Collaboration of glass and a design!

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Products Info     The appearance of security glass which protects privacy Art Triennial  
  Laminated Glass     while coloring a scene the Artistick! (Echigo-Tumaari)  
  Tempered Glass     The partition of the veranda of an apartment, lobbies,    
  Bent Glass     such as building, hall, an entrance, and a conference room KurimotoConstruction  
  Door       (Osaka)  
New Products Info     Signs that demand was accepted were printed on the    
  Crime Prevention     adhesion film, and it's glass. KurimotoConstruction  
  Construction       (Osaka)  
  Machine   ■Bellezza's feature    
Skillful tone can be mainained for a long period of time. Touji  
Using laminated glass of crime prevention and sound 『Kokoro no Kenchiku』  
isolation (Kyoto)  
    It cuts also as sound. It excels also in crime prevention or Touji  
It's on a solid target by the double image effect in 『Kokoro no Kenchiku』  
    combination with mirror glass. (Kyoto)  
      Makinohara Sagara  
        Sougou Center