Company Info   "Glass is dager..." It already became the past language.    
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  Laminated Glass   ■Laminated glass specifications    
  Tempered Glass     ▼Safety Even if it damages in response to a shock, it's glass with very high safety which a  
  Bent Glass       fragment disperses and doesn't do damage to a human body by strong adhesiveness  
  Door       of a middle film.  
New Products Info     ▼Crime In order that the toughness of a middle film may also carry out operation which  
  Crime Prevention     prevention prevents the invader from the outsides, it's an object for crime prevention.  
  Construction     ▼Ornament Another big feature on a par with high safety is inserting a design film with the  
  Machine       various scenes between the glass of two sheets, and is at the point that a use  
    broad also as building materials of rich fanciness  
        is expectable.  
    ■The uses with laminated glass and bent laminated glass  
    Door, Window, Bathroom partition, Door of a common building  
    Light of the ceiling of a shopping center and a public building  
    The lantern of the tank and elevator of a show window and  
    an aquarium